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'Qui vult alium intellectum prudentiae et intelligentiae vim nobis defuturum.'

JuJue is different ››› JuJue does things different.
JuJue follows the truth, not redirecting (ab)norm(al)s!
If you do it right you don't need a norm!

As long as Government 'Norms' fail to protect my clients/customers and myself, they have no right to force their meaningless rules onto us and I'll fight them with all means and at all levels shall they insist to force so!

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I love this partI really do.

Feel offended? Disregard, Move on, Stay happy.

To be honest, I really never understood why some people always need to be threatened or scared before they'd even only Try To Do The Right Thing? Why can't people just - be human? Seriously!

Since I am not one of them I see no reason why I shall join this Government circus and allow them to force me to play by the rules of their two-faced agenda games. I'll keep that perfectly "human simple & logic".

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JuJue.com.au, (this website), to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of third parties' rights, and fitness for particular purpose.

WTF, ...see what I I'm talking about here?

Let's do that again. This time, keeping it straight to the point without screwing minds.


You need to know and understand that reading, listening to, watching, drinking, eating, living like a JuJue, or just simply interested in following JuJue or JuJue else, you deal with JuJue, first and foremost and not with;

A Doctor

That's right, we aren' doctors, surgeons, scientists or somthing like that.

Health Experts

When we are a Nutritionist, Dietician or Naturopath etc., we'll tell.

Any Other Endorsed Specialist

Like pharmacists, politicians or similar (in case we forgot to mention).

We are Healers

We believe in and nurture our bodies's own, miraculous power of self-healing!

We trust our Mother;

'Nature' who provided us with a bounty of resources to keep healthy and strong.

We love Life

That's why we take it neither from humans nor animals but respect and protect it, instead.

Oh, I forgot to mention: I am a certified Health Coach.

Attention Prolonged.

If you know JuJue, specifically me personally, so to say, then you also know that JuJue always educates and promotes bio individuality. This means; what is one person's food may be another person's poison. It is entirely up to you how much JuJue you want to follow and apply for yourself. Nobody but yourself can make that decision. You are the only one who can learn to understand your body and come in synergy with (an absolute no-braainer if you're serious about keeping mental and physical health).

In case that you should run into some difficulties with that and, trust me, most of us will, you can always consult me as your health coach to talk with you, perhaps even sit a few session (your first session with me will always be free)!

So let's be very clear here. Whenever you order any JuJue (Product or Service offered by JuJue), you and only you are responsibility for your own actions. We accept accountability for our actions. We will tell you everything you need to know for you to make the right decision and if you feel uncertain or in doubt, always contact us or your doctor, by all means. Simple, straight forward common sense, no silly twisted bail-out law needed to interpret that.

However, and this is important for you to understand.

Under no circumstances, just never, will JuJue claim or even suggest that, whatever you buy from JuJue, you will be able to use as a replacement for any medical advice or treatment you’d been given or else may seek from any 'health professional'. JuJue distances itself form and refrains from claiming those lawfully wrong privileges.

Intellectual Property

All text, photographs and other material and or content displayed on our parent website jujue.com, any of its sub-domains or child websites is the intellectual property of JuJue, it's partners or else and as published accordingly within the content of our website.

Does that sound like fair enough for you to respect us?

If you find something on the JuJue side that you like and wish to use on your side, can you kndly just ask us before? If not, as long as it doesn't cause us any harm or loss, by all means use it and enjoy your miserable life.

That being said; Do know this, however!

Although you'll hardly ever hear from us unless necessary, know that we display intellectual property on our website which is third part owned and despite we have the rights to display their property on our sites, these rights are not automatically extented to you. By disrespecting our third parties’s intellectual property rights you'll have to bare all consequences deriving out of your abuse, yourself.

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Your Privacy

...is your privacy! Simple as that!

JuJue respects your privacy without giving you a big legal blabber wrap,
Knowing, that the moment you connect to the internet, your privacy is out the door. You alrady know that, don't you?

Why is it worthless?

The day the internet was created, that day online crime became legal. Governments do nothing to protect your privacy but rather the opposite. All these slimy privacy rules, regulations and laws are nothing but a farce, forced upon you to accept in their efforts to protect those Big Shots and of course; stimulate their economy. It's that pathetic.

Facts are at hand

Do you ever bother reading privacy terms? Have you ever asked yourself; how the heck did they …? C'mon, you don't need to be a decendent of Einstein or a conspiracy theorist (their favourite term of branding people who speak up against). All you need to do is observe the behaviour of your "Smart Phone", let alone countless other.

Why the force?

Try to fill a simple contact form and you'll be Forced to accept T&C and Privacy Policies. Hey, you acepted to be screwed (great law to protect your privacy, huh?). Rule of thumb #1: If there's nothing to hide there's nothing to force. Rule of thumb #2: The more force, the more hidden agendas. Think about that for a moment then decide for yourself.

Accept responsibility

Having said so and despite that JuJue will never, never even allow to, sell or pass on (in exchange for receiving some "Lawful" benefits form others ;-) ), your private data to anyone, not even to the "Law" (remember what I just mentioned about their Laws?).

We will do everything we can to secure our server(s) and data exchanged and to the best of our knowledge but, if hackers can hack into the world's most protected websites then surely they can hack into ours, too, if they want.

Don't be fooled by any law, least by those misleading privacy laws. Know that the moment you connect to anyone on the All Secure Internet, you're vulnerable and thus expose yourself to the many - lawfully protected - criminals and (il)legal hackers, hiding up in the clouds to prey on you and harvest and misuse any of your data. Why else do you think some of these legendary, very successful and admired IT entrepreneur heroes are growing so powerful? Tick Tack, Tick Tack.

I take I said everything I needed to say in this section to poke my finger into the Big Shots's eyes and for you to understand who you're dealing with when connecting with JuJue. If not and if you think that isn't good enough, hey, no bad feelings. Just move on. At the end of the day, you need to feel safe and happy.

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(We don't only talk security, we mean security and to protect ourselves, we have to follow our own law.)