Ready your body for better nutrition absorption!

Why you need a Juice-Cleanse

Why Juice Cleanse?

Short? Your gut needs a break like you do. It needs regular maintenance like your home, car, etc. Makes sense, if you care to give it a solid thought!

I Already Eat Healthy

You may eat all nutrient rich and organic, what's the point if your body isn't ready to absorb it? You may as well slip into your old clothes after taking a shower.

Too much sugar!

Oh? Don't you Love sugary juices?
I can't speak for other but JuJue definitely gives health a run before taste. So you need to decide right here!

Juice Cleansing - Does It Work?

No 6, 7, 11, ...why you should - marketing crap. Just a simple to the point explanation to; 'Why do a regular juice cleanse?'

Is there any benefit in going on a Juice Cleanse / Detox?

Setting the Juice Cleanse Facts straight


Before going into details, let's look @ two facts!

1 - Is a juice cleanse any good?


There is no One set answer

...since your body is a complex engine and despite we all run on the same engine parts we are all bio-individuals (you may read more about that on my Health Coach website). What may work well for one may do little for someone else. A holistic approach is needed to determin your needs!


People have various reasons to why they want to go on a juice cleanse which is - Secondary - really. Primary to that is One Aspect which I claim will result in benefitting everybody who goes on a juice cleanse, the same. Which is? Keep reading, I will tell! One thing but I can tell already; 'It's not the food you eat but the nutrients your body can absorb" which will have a massive impact on your general body health status.

2 - Professional Contradiction

Different Opinions

The one problem with most professional claims is, hardly any will ever tell the whole story. Some will pick on a positive, others will push the negative. And there you are, thrown at experts with different convictions, backed by some celebrity face, science, awards won, impressive titles and respectful positions, etc. If all those Experts can't agree with each other, whom the heck shall you believe then? Looks like it comes down to who you find more attractive. Nice one. OMG.

It's a pain in the butt, isn't it? That's why you need to do your homework, diligent and with patience. Hint: Don't fall for the first impressive Pro who claims (s)h(it)e has the One solution for you or else, you stand a high probability of being mis-informed, mis-directed (for their financial benefits). How do you conduct a good research? I will show you that, step by step. Make sure you subscribe to my list of knowlege hungry.

Juice Cleanse Benefit Fast Forward

The One Juice Cleanse Aspect, True For Everybody.

The Juice Cleanse Mess-Up

What is your Juice Cleanse Reason?

Your Biggest Juice Cleanse Mistake

Two, mistakes, to be correct! One (don’t worry, you are not alone, the majority joins you on that one): You fall for the first perfect sounding marketing pitch. Wait, no you don't, you believe the Expert (didn't I just cover that one?). Two (number One actually preconditions you to do so), you don’t get all the facts, the full picture!
For once and forever, let's keep it simple, because it is! A Juice Cleanse is what the word says it is; a Cleanse! Not a Diet or Fast or Feast or what else is dumped at you to make money out of your ignorance, it's a Cleanse! Full stop.

Still Thinking A Juice Fast or Diet?

This is quickly one. Feel free to waste your time and money. Before you go and crucify me for that now (you can do that by dropping your comments on that, below), also know, there's a little more to that and I will address these brain spoiling diets and fastings hyenas some other times but if you are all over it, go for it, waste your life. As you already noticed, I am so not for and you certainly won't find any support for it from me. I know I said it already; Enemies > Right ! but in this caSe ? it's wantED so.

jujue-juice-cleanse A Juice Detox-Cleanse:

  1. Is short term only, 1-3 days, maximum 5 days
  2. Allowes to take in food (although only in liquid form and low on carbs

jujue-juice-cleanse A Juice Detox-Fast:

  1. Spans a longer term, usually starting at 5 days.
  2. Doesn't allow to take in any food (not even liquidised food)


Juice Cleanse or Juice Fast?

That I believe I cleared aleady when telling that there isn't one set rule for it because of our bio-individuality. Confused? I don't blame you. Before you jump into cold waters, may I suggest you take advantage of my free 35 minutes consultation offer. You decide. Though, if you are good to go ahead then, Go Ahead, book your JuJue Detox rebootCamp today.


One Reason To Detox's Enough

...for me, and for You?
Put simply: A Detox is to assist your body and vital organs in its self-healing process(es).

Again, I stress; A Detox is - explicitly - to assist your body's own cleansing process, not to replace it.
Left alone, our body is an incredible self-healing machine. It is capable of completely restoring itself and it doesn't even need a magic wand or strange witchcraft. Yet, while our body anatomy hasn't changed, our lifestyle did, especially since post WWII. Our eating habbits have turned, our rest patterns are twisted and our exercise routines have stagnated or been formatted. While you may not feel any stress, your body is under stress almost 24/7. Our body was never built to deal with such changes. It's like you take a VW Beetle to race against a formula one race car and yet, that little beetle may end better than our body.
That is why, our body needs your attention and assistance in any way it can get and a Detox is by far perhaps the easiest way for you to honor the hard work your body does, for You, 24/7!

Would you like to get to the bottom of it? Check out my health coach website or better still, click the button below and claim

on a side noteOn A Side Note

A Thousand Stress Pressure Points

Having mentioned Stress, boy do I love (to speak about) stress! Do you have any idea how much stress our body needs to cope with, day in day out? Our body literally cries out loud for help. It needs a break every now and then. Our digestive system needs to be able to periodically shut down to properly run its built-in self-maintenance program but we ignore it. Most of us wouldn't even hear our body's SOS calls. Worst case cenario, you beieve you have nothing to listen out for, you don't believe it's necessary. Well then, allow me to tell, I once was just as arrogant and thought along the same path.

Sure, not everybody will have to face life end as close as I had to but, would I have had a chance, guess what? I chose to stay ignorant and I supported my ignorance with a healthy portion of arrogance. You really want to copy me? Yuck.

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Comments (2)

Escuna(Queensland, Australia)says...

Nice juice cleanse intro. How do I get hold of the program, I'm in Queensland


Is the juice cleanse good for loosing weight? Do I need to drink juice every day and how much thank you


Hi Roseanne, as I mentioned it already, a juice cleanse or detox isn't a diet. You may as well shed a few pounds but understand, this kinda dieting won't give you a long term positive result. Feel free to reach out to me on that and to find a solution which is giving you the results which you may seek.

Some Common Detox Questions

Correct, and that is exactly what you want. Your digestive system needs to go on a break and it can only do that if you don't give it fibre. It's a bit like welding your car's petrol tank. You can only do that if its completely empty.

Don't worry, you'll get plenty of that. In fact, a one day detox supply offeres you over 2000kcal. Check out the detox detail page on data.

Rather the opposite and again, that's the whole point. Our JuJue detox juices are designed to achieve renarkable tackle results. Tackles are; body detox and increase intake of vitamins, minerals, fats and nutrients