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Hi there, I'm Norbert and glad you show interest in getting involved with JuJue.

Juicing For Life

I'm not a doctor or scientist, neither a nutritionist, dietician or psychologist. I just learnt how to listen to and understand my body and,
at 61, healed myself from a progressive, irreversible and deadly liver disease.

It's been
Years that feel like two decades

Word of appreciation

I wish to extend my gratitude to every person for their contribution, e.g. being a loyal customer or trusting client; an advisor, or referrer, a helping hand or simply an admirer of my juices and other healthy food. There's nothing that could ever possibly replace simple kindness. Hence, a big thank you to everybody in the past, present and in the future.

What does it cost getting involved with JuJue?

Financially - nothing, time wise - your decision, ideologically - your emotional backup perhaps? Sincere but certainly; synergising at wave length. Easy, isn't it?

What are My benfits getting involved with JuJue?

Multiple, starting from simply doing a good deed to getting free stuff to earning money. It's literally up to you how much fun you are pepared to put up with. Options on how you can get involved with JuJue you find here.

Get involved

There are many ways for you to get involved and, literally speaking, become part of JuJue.

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I can work 24/7 but never 240/7. Curious?

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I can allways use a hand, no matter what.

Have an Idea?

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As I already said, I won't advertise but, if you want to Pay and write about me then, kindly,  use the general contact form  to touch base.

Why Getting Involved With JuJue

#1- Heal Yourself & Spread the Action
*Everybody wins*

It's Obvious

Get involved in spreading the JuJue health virus, and

A good deed is always rewarded

The Illusion
Free Primary Food Classes

Get involved with spreading the JuJue health virus, and

enjoy free health coach session

The Evolusion
Free Raw Food Classes

Get involved with spreading the JuJue health virus, and

enjoy free raw food classes

Why don't you just advertise?

I don't waste money on advertising.
For One: My products are placed outside the mass consumer category and thus attract a thin layer of the population. Concurrently, and despite the fact that the current world is running rogue over organic foods, the level of ignorance and rejection of another, equally important if not dominant, sustainable health building block is still, unbelievably, popular. Add to this the continuing spread of professional misinformation and inexhaustible fight over the topic juicing, ...and the mental misconfiguration is complete.

Can you remember how long it took the mass to accept that smoking isn’t that cool? The same behaviour you will find now towards the fact that juicing lends itself as an important element to compensate your nutrition intake deficit and thus, contributes towards revitalising and sustaining a strong and healthy immune system.
Latter being utmost important and the key, BTW, to avoid inflammation and infection!

How I wish I could turn Greens Juice into another drug like coffee. That would be a bad hit for our ruling Big Pharma. Then again, I said it already; I'm neither a Celebrity. Neither but am I licensed or certified to speak common sense and - facts. Wait, there isn't something like that (yet). Must be that, then. 😏

Two: It requires a lot of education and, the mass consumer isn't much fond of that idea neither. Given what I just mentioned before, my chances of getting the mass fall in love with and follow me, blindfolded, is even thinner.

That is where you, who knows what I'm talking about, come in.

Spread the health virus

Now you know why I don't want to waste money on media advertising, passing on the JuJue virus can only initiated through interaction with people and, you can do it easily without physical contact by using online tools. how good is that? We, who feel and thus, can witness, the positive affect of this virus on your own bodies, it's us who can help otheres to discover it for themselves, too, Never the media.
Live Healthier - Live Better
and forget what inflammation and infection is all about, even forget your ways to the doctor and pharmmacy. Get involved with JuJue and,