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A small lifestyle change with a massive poitive impact on your life

YEah, all good but thanks, no. I'm healthy, fit'n happy enough.

Yeah, right, I know someone very close to me who said that, too. In fact, that one is none less than me and his bro, myself.
Look. I know exactly where you're coming from because once, I was one of you, only perhaps even more ignorant, bordering arrogance. I firmly believed I'm immune. Nothing could ever get to me. That was until.
On a contrary, how often did we get to hear overnight shocking News about people we know, care for, even love. If you aren't one of those Shock-News-Breakers, yet, congratulations, you may still be in the run for setting sails. If you are, however, you got no choice left. Your time is running out. You got nothing to choose from and in that case, perhaps it would be a good idea you start doing something weird, unusual; start listening to your - sincerely concerned about you - second brain; Your Gut!

Would it help if I'd say: 'Be a little wiser than I was. Make that smart decision today and avoid having to add yourself to statistics, tomorrow.'

“Good health starts with your second brain telling you what your body feels and needs. Listen, can you hear the story it tells You?”

Norbert Harms

meet the beauty green

Truly the Queen among all Greens

I love coffee, what about you?

I was such a coffee adict, I brewed myself a cuppa whenever I felt thirsty, clocking up over a dozen big sized cups of coffee (strong, no milk no sugar) a day. Now but, I discovered the Green and I fell in love with it. Think it's not for you? An old Chinese saying goes like; 'You don't look for love, you learn how to love. My promise to you, once you discover the Beauty within the Green, you will understand it and never wanna miss it again. Pick up your Green gift


Good things start with little things. Add them all up you achieve Great Things

Norbert Harms

Revcovering and/or retaining your health and overall wellbeing needs even less!

The Power Of The JUJUE Evergreen

Think about. People really drink liqufied sugar like; red bull, coke, etc., and believe it gives them energy. They prefer to ignore the negative comsequences of what the overdoses of sugar they swallow will do to their body, in exchange for a short hype. Can anyone tell why cocaine or other drugs should be illegal then?! Seriously, people care more about their car or pets then for themselves. Sad.

You could easy pump some real food fuel into your body, instead. Besides, your body will use this real, live food fuel and free itself from all these little nasty gimmmlins, parasites and creepy bacteria all just waiting for you to feed them so they can grow strong enough to attack you.

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Nutritients, Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, the JuJue Cleansing Greens Juice!

What's in it for you?

Without regular and ongoing body maintenance, you can eat all the Organic Broccoli in the word and it will do little to nothing. Because? Your body has long been taken over by the enemy who do their best in preventsing your body from absorbing all the nutrients you try to feed it with. The JuJue Evergreen is a power-packed Greens Detoxifier masterpiece. It will assist your body's own cleansing process (Liver, Kidney, etc.) by fighting off, and freeing it from, free radicals and other insurgents, trying to kidnap and destroy your body.

After the fight-off, the cold-pressed Evergreen is packed with powerfull nutrients who will contribute towards strenghtening your body, readying it to being able to absorb cleaner and more nutritious food which, hopefully, you will provide it with. Let's talk more about that over here !

Ever felt tired, fatigue, simply down and without energy? Welcome to the club of abused bodies. Simply drinking one Quality, Cold-Pressed Geens Juice like the Evergreen, once a day, will do magic. I hated Green juice, spat it out first time I tried to drink it. Now? I love it and wouldn't wanna miss it a day. Moreover, it helped me in fighing off my coffee cravings. Trust me, I'd been there myself, couldn't read a book for more than 3 minutes, Now? It feels so great being back to enjoying Natural Energy, again.

Our body is an amazing, natural self-cleansing and self-healing system. As with anything else but, humanity has done good in abusing and taking it for granted. We simply eat against nature and thus, damage our immune system and self-healing powers. Our bodies are crying out for nature to return. The Evergreen truly assists in reviving and restoring your body's self-healing powers. Don't believe me, get to feel it yourself. What you got to lose? Junk Food? Doctors? Chemicals? ...?

Subscribe to a delivery package and save!

Pick your preferred, regular delivery option and save $$. You can change your order range or even cancel at any time. By joining The JuJue Regular Family you will also benefit from VIP access rates to the many other products and services you can expect from JuJue.

Packages start from as little as AUD 48.00/once a week (single or mixed product selection). Once off orders require a minimum order of AUD 72 or delivery charges may apply.

Power Packed Greens Nuke



Blog Single
Blog Single

The JuJue Reward System

Did I mention it?

a simple JuJue thank you

Let's start this from the back. Part of JuJue's philosophy is in creating a community that cares more, for themselves, starting with bringing some positive changes to what's on their primary and secondary food plate. Positive self care will ultimately lead towards greater care for each other. One important role in this process certainly is enjoying to share. JuJue trys to lead off with sharing by giving back. You sharing our 💝 for JuJue and help spreading the word, puts you right into the front seat of receiving - exciting freebies, discounts, and many more.

JuJue Referal and Loyalty Program

Without happy customers, JuJue will not exist. Full stop. While we will do our best to continue serving your plates with most nutritious, Real Natural, healthy products, We do hope that you will refer us to your family members, friends and colleagues, and stay with us yourself. Doing so will undoubtedly add towards JuJue's growth and sustainability. We shall always be grateful of your loyalty and support and return the favours. In the end, no You, no Jujue. A striving, caring and happy community will always be our focus. That's JuJue's promise to you!

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