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for the one who'd forgotten the good old English it means,, just Bing it ⚔

Life entrepreneur, photographer, chef, business advisor, leadership coach, builder, traveler, writer, speaker, entertainer, philosopher, humanistic scientist, anthropologist, student and - survivor.
and now practicing health coach. I guess that's all.

What turns my crank?

Is this really necessary? Well, if you must know; 'Life' does, because life haunts me with an endless list of interests. To live and let live. That's my life motto and it totally cranks me.

Norbert isn't a celebrity or some kinda big shot and never aimed for having the spotlights turned on him. He prefers to label himself as "Simply being me and myself". His life always was, and now in his 60s still is, exciting and full of adventures. Growing up in Germany's southern, beautiful "Donau Schwaben", he enjoyed the country life and everything that comes with living surrounded by and in harmony with nature. It was at his tender age of six, though, when Norbert found a large book for him under the christmas tree. A book which would have a huge impact on how he sees himself exploring the world. Ever since, Norbert was fascinated by the big world out there.

Life back then, in the later years of the post world war II era, wasn't necessarily a finger licking, though, the outlook on it was somewhat rosy, especially with his growing exitment on learning so many different things after having been enrolled in primary school. Norbert can't really recall the comments his teachers would write into his school reports but, the one remark his first grade teacher left in his report, stuck with him forever. It's one of these things, one experiences as a child and then it becomes just - part of you. His teacher, which also was the wife of the school principal, a man of whom Norbert would carry quite some remarkable memeories about, wrote: "Norbert is a bright, attentive and always active student. He's a fast learner and well behaved, a pleasere student to have in class. Norbert also cares for and likes to support and motivate his less active classmates to take more interest in learning. However and to my great concern, Norbert has one big shortcoming, he raises too many questions and, at some occasions, even questions the teacher.

Asking his mother about whether or not that would make him now a bad student, his mum simply said: "No boy, not at all, rather the opposite. You see, asking questions is the best you can do and I am very happy for you aren't shy to do so. As a matter of fact, if you don't understand or disagree with something, I'd really urge you to stand up and raise a question about. This will support you in growing and broadening your knowledge, skills and develop a clear understanding of the many things you'll learn. Asking or questioning is the only way you will truly learn.

“Success is the result of disagreement, hard work, learning from mistakes, loyalty, and persistence in being true to yourself”

Colin Powell / Norbert

A sudden and unexpected move from Norbert which would not only have his family members and sipplings raise their eyebrows, but leave them speechless.

Another Norbert

Life but also had it's less glory sides for Norert. As a young boy Norbert was heavily bullied by his ten years older sister's fiancé. That is, because Norbert always hang around his mother, be it in the kitchen, when she was sawing late night under candle light to earn extra money for the family, following her to the fields during harvest times, etc. That big fiancé man enjoyed nothing more than calling Norbert a mama boy which, of course being a mama boy, would make Norbert cry and run off to his mother to seek comfort and support. What a mama boy, isn't ☛he.

One day but, his mother had enough and told him: 'good on Hans, bullying you. Hans knows exactly what cranks you shedding tears.' Norbert was surprised and replied back: 'But mum, why are you on Hans's side and not on mine?' Boy, she said, understand that I try to help you realise. Realise what, mama, Norbert asked.

You see, boy, Hans only bullies you because you allow him to. What? Norbert didn't really get that and asked back. (Remember, Norbert is a critical student, never takes an answer for an answer unless he realy understands it). You allow him because you do exactly what Hans enjoys watching you doing. You act like a baby, you cry and run off to seek my support for you. I won't sooze your self-pity, neither will I tell Hans to stop bullying you, you got to tell him yourself. "But how can I tell Hans?", Norbert asked. By showing him that he's wrong about you, his mum replied. Know and understand that Hans only bullies you for the very reason I just told you do to yourself. Understand that and next time Hans goes for his enjoyment, don't cry, instead, laugh with Hans together. Be happy for him that he is smart enough to see you as you are. Be proud of who you are because it makes you unique and it helps you to learn many things others won't learn.

Is there a need now to go on and tell what happened next time Hans thought he can make Norbert cry? Not really, is it? In fact, Hans developed quite some respect for Norbert and the two became close friends, despite the huge age gap.

Rejection is simply the reflection of saying no to yourself!
fast forward
Fast forward

The Big Move

The rest you can read in Norbert's upcoming book but for now, let's jump ahead and say goodbye to Germany and welcome to the world.

Never Stop Learning

Already a successful business owner at the age of nineteen, Norbert quit to pursue another challenge which would earn him the title of being an idiot in the beginning and later the "You were very lucky" excuse of his envious watchers before stepping totally outside their safety ring.

Yep, time to, once again, leave success and good life behind and buy that oneway ticket, pack in kids and wife and borad the plane for a premanent departure and new home, on the other side of the globe. Uh, yes, Norbert just went back to his idiot title again, because his English sucked and all he could speak well with a perfect Geraman accent was: How do you do?

OK, so now that you know Norbert a little better, I have a question for you: How long before Norbert would start his first business in Australia? One, two, three years? More? You're totally off your line. You realise that, don't you? Exactly nine month. This didn't go well, though. Norbert was ahead of his time. Far ahead, in fact. That far, he could have walked back to Germany, spent another decade there and then walked back down to Australia again, just to arive in time to capitalise on his idea.

This cost Norbert more than just the business, his marriage went down, too. It sure took some time to digest but soon Norbert would be off, again, in search for new challenges.

Norbert would set out to explore Asia, Europe and Africa and open business after business. One of his greatest successes was Africa. From ground zero to skyscraper rooftop within 9 months, Norbert would buy the mining rights and secure the prefered mining area as well as win a USD m40 investment of a foreign investor for his Africa based gold mining project.

Another success story was China, where norbert would establish a company consulting firm with two offices in South China, counting none less than multinational firms like Huawei; TCL, shipping, steel manufaturing and many other big names to his clientelle. Assisting a Hong Kong colleague in her endeavour to become one of South China's leading private Engilsh traing center, it was because of Norbert's input, the Center became the frist ever private center, authorised by the China Central Govermment, to hold Cambridge Business English exams in South China. Only three of the largest and renown state owned Universities had the same rights!

That is only to count a few of his achievements. Could Norbert brag? Question is, why should he? Norbert says; "People who can do the job don't need to brag. They focus on the job and get it done." That being said, Norbert doesn't hold a PHD or two or a DR, neither, he stores rock solid first hand experiences under his belt, things you can't learn at universities. .

Eh, want to know more about what got him into creting JuJue? Then why hang aroung here, hit on over to The Cradle Of JuJue.

Blog Single
Blog Single

The powerful force of mankind

If you want to succeed, surround yourself with the right kind of people who will support and encourage you all the way. Be with people who have the same beliefs and aspirations as yours. Positive aura is generated by this fusion of collective energy from people of “like minds.” On the contrary, being with people who oppose your ways of thinking may trigger a negative, yet very powerful, kind of motivation. If you care to learn more about Norbert and his leadership and self-development coaching, hit over to Norbert's personal website

The JuJue Ambassador Program

Dream of being part of something exciting? JuJue will soon introduce its Ambassador Program. What it basically means is JuJue preferes to work with individuals rather than big corporates. People know people and people will share, pass on and

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Interesting life.


Thank you, Joanna.

Yes, indeed, it was and still is very much so, especially after the attack on humanity a year ago by some satanic tech nerds who want to replace god.